Gita Michulka - Marketing Manager

Gita Michulka joined Terra as a graphic design artist in 2014, bringing over a decade of expertise in illustrations, design and marketing.  She is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and University of Pittsburgh, holding degrees in graphic design and English literature.  Her portfolio consists of multiple marketing and promotional materials for a local whiskey distillery in Pittsburgh, a non-profit dedicated to education reform, and an international civil engineering firm.

An avid learner who enjoys new challenges, Ms. Michulka has excitedly jumped into the world of landscape architecture. While leading Terra’s marketing and branding activities, she also contributes to the development of hand-rendered graphics, interpretive sign design, fundraising materials, and final master planning packages for clients.

With her husband, young son and dog, Gita spends as much time outside as the Pittsburgh climate will allow. They enjoy exploring everything from their backyard to any one of the local parks to hikes along regional trails. She is an accomplished baker and loves to tinker with recipes whose ingredients include some of her husband’s award-winning nano-brews!