Prairie Garden Trust Master Plan Update

New Bloomfield, MO


We received a heartwarming update from one of our favorite clients, Henry and Lorna Domke from Prairie Garden Trust, on the status of Phase One improvements made to their homestead at the direction of our master plan. With a clear direction in mind for trails, plantings and plant maintenance, and visitor amenities, they have added new paved trails, parking and entrance areas, restrooms, and overlook platforms for many of the key vantage points of the site. Along with the ongoing effort of controlling invasive species, the staff horticulturist has also been developing major areas around the main entrance, the Visitors Center, the lake and ponds, and along the edges between forest and prairie and savanna.

In Lorna’s words, “Some elements of the plan may not be used for decades… but the primary and initial plan steps are just about complete, and we’re so, so happy with it! Best of all, our visitors are enraptured, too!”