Terra Releases Testimonial Video

Pittsburgh, PA

After celebrating our ten-year anniversary, and then continuing on to one of our busiest and most successful years to date, we took some time to reflect on Terra’s inspiring clients, peers, and projects that have brought our guiding principles as a firm to life over the years. This introspection was too exciting to contain internally – and resulted in the development of our first promotional video!

Terra’s Cindy Tyler has long said that, “As future trustees of our planet, children will only protect what they love, and only love what they know.” This video showcases our commitment to making this philosophy a reality.

Special Thanks to Jane Taylor (Michigan State University); Mary Helen Butler and Jim Duncan (Active and Former Directors, Memphis Botanic Garden); Eric Tschanz (Former Director, Powell Gardens); and Bob Brackman (Executive Director, San Antonio Botanical Garden) for their enthusiasm, support, and inspiration!  

Thanks also to 232 Creative for their expertise and good humor as we developed this project!