Terra Design is pleased to announce the groundbreaking for the Eco-Road!

Godfrey, IL


Lewis and Clark Community College’s community outreach and growing enrollment has resulted in increased traffic volumes on campus roads, especially on the loop road that bisects the campus core.  The Eco-Road represents an improvement to vehicular and pedestrian safety through campus, while also transforming a utilitarian roadway into a grand garden feature and model of sustainable design.  Befitting the classical architecture of the campus, the Eco-Road has been crafted of high quality materials and designed in a manner that reinforces the aesthetics of the campus core.

These improvements include:

  • Porous pavers for travel lane surfacing;
  • Dark-skies compliant LED light fixtures; and
  • Tabled intersections with specially paved pedestrian crosswalks, stressing pedestrian right-of-way and requiring vehicles to slow down.