Terra presents final Environmental Learning Center Master Plan

Vero Beach, FL


A little over eleven months after kicking off the project, Terra’s Cindy Tyler and Rob Thompson returned to Vero Beach, FL to present the final master plan to Environmental Learning Center staff and board members. After meeting extensively with the Master Planning Committee, Terra and team members PNF Architecture & Design, David Cox Consulting, Knight, McGuire and Associates, Inc., and EMD Consulting Group presented two master plan options before refining them into a final plan with phasing opportunities.

The resulting Master Plan represents the blended vision of key stakeholders and the expertise of the Planning Team, and has earned the approval of both the full ELC Board of Directors and the full ELC Foundation Board. Key highlights include the Native Plant Gallery garden and event space, and the Butterflies and More! pollinator garden and House of Butterflies, rendered for us by our friends at Depiction Illustration.